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The 12 + Ala Carte is available in sets of three(s) after the twelve set All Ocasion cupcakes have been added to your cart.  For example, if you want 15 cupcakes (first add the 12 set All Ocasion cupcakes to your cart. Then add the 12+ Ala Carte to order the additional three cupcakes for a total of 15 cupcakes. Things to Remember:First, order the 12 sets of All Ocassion Cupcakes. Choose One Flavor. Next, add the 12 + Ala Carte to your order.The flavor of your choice in the 12 Set will be followed in your 12 + Ala Carte. Increase the number of Ala Carte Cupcakes as desired.

12 + Ala Carte Cupcakes

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